Audit results now at the fingertips of Australia's premier gambling and entertainment group

Tabcorp Holdings Limited is Australia's premier gambling and entertainment group and one of the world’s largest publicly listed gambling companies.

Tabcorp conducts a unique combination of wagering, gaming, hospitality and media activities and employs around 11,000 people throughout Australia.


Manual auditing process time consuming

Tabcorp has a network of 2,000 retail venues that are audited regularly. NSW Investigations Manager for Tabcorp Limited, John Graham, says the previous audit system was inefficient because it was manual, time-consuming and inflexible.

"Before Mobile Auditor the issues that arose from the audit process would circulate amongst a group of people through emails. There was no shared and secure repository of audit information to track issues which posed risks to the organisation."

Tabcorp needed a system that the audit investigation team could use on a day-to-day basis, but that could also be easily and quickly accessed by other stakeholders in the organisation. With the previous system this information was manually sent internally and externally through email and/or postal correspondence. It was time consuming, and at times, resulted in errors. With Mobile Auditor, not only can other teams pull information via the web immediately, they are also able to receive emails in real-time.


A flexible and reliable iPad solution

The Tabcorp team rolled out Mobile Auditor across iPad’s that are used specifically in their auditing process.

One of the major features Tabcorp required was the ability to modify audit templates. “With Mobile Auditor we can change questions within the audit database in real-time. If we are auditing different venue types that might have unique audit questions, we are now able to tailor that. The application allows us to risk rate issues and escalate individual issues or the overall result,” says John.

Tabcorp now has the flexibility to quickly and easily make changes to their audit database, modify email templates to different stakeholders and extract data real time. “For us, Mobile Auditor is all about giving stakeholders real time notification and access to issues arising from our audit activities,” says John.

Mobile Auditor exceeded expectations

Tabcorp now experiences better communication, flexibility and fewer errors which, as a result has increased the efficiency and accuracy of Tabcorp’s audit process.

John says the results of audits are now provided in real-time through the use of iPads. This has virtually eliminated paperwork, real-time escalation of incidences to stakeholders internally and externally, as well as real-time forwarding of audit results and reports.

Before Mobile Auditor staff would have to go into the office to connect to Tabcorp’s intranet to record results into intensive spreadsheets. Mobile auditor solved this problem and has stopped staff being geographically constrained.

“Our staff members no longer have to carry any of the associated computer equipment or paperwork for an audit - the only thing they need is an iPad. Mobile Auditor has moved the company forward.”

“Mobile Auditor has definitely exceeded our expectations. The primary goals have certainly been met and the end result is far better than what we expected. The Netresult team was able to interpret, from a user perspective, how to present the tool in the way that the user wants it to operate,” says John.

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Category: Case Studies

Client Name: TabCorp

Business Issues: Manual audit process time-consuming and posed risks

Solution: Netresult's iPad based mobile auditor application to simplify and streamline the auditing process

Outcome: Increased efficiency of auditing process through improved communication, reduction in errors and greater flexibility

For us, Mobile Auditor is all about giving stakeholders real time notification and access to issues arising from our audit activities.
— John Graham | TabCorp