Counting the Cost for Traditional Stocktakes 



Many dealerships and dealer groups still rely on manual paper-based systems to manage their trade appraisal and intake process. Vehicles being described incorrectly, including inaccurate model definition, missed damage, or missing parts such as keys, can be one of the biggest costs to a dealership, producing incorrect valuations and subsequent losses of money through them.

Netresult’s AutoCheck application is a sophisticated vehicle inspection solution that allows an organisation to build vehicle specific workflow processes and present them on a smartphone or tablet.

With the trade appraisal process, dealerships are able to accurately describe the model of the vehicle based on Redbook and capture the condition and damage including photos. The appraisal can then be sent to valuation staff who have a complete picture of the vehicle so an accurate valuation can be applied.

Dealers are provided with transparency right across their processes by being able to, at a glance, view information about a particular appraisal all in the one place. This benefits both staff and customers as matters that may have caused misunderstanding or misinterpreting previously can be resolved quickly and cost-effectively. This extends to alerting sales consultants and managers of previous appraisals that have been completed on the vehicle for the customer across a dealership group.

The process is also integrated with ERA, providing a streamlined process where appraisal information is automatically pushed through to the trade appraisal screen, removing the manual rekeying of this information. This efficient process allows the dealership to focus on the big picture, without worrying about their appraisals process.

The benefits of an electronic trade appraisal process don’t stop there. Dealerships can also complete an intake inspection when they receive the vehicle from customer. This will pull all the trade appraisal information, ensuring items like the number of keys, service books, the odometer, vehicle condition, and specific features like alloy wheels, are consistent to the information collected at the time of the original appraisal.

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