BMW Melbourne


About BMW Melbourne

BMW Melbourne is a premier dealership. It is part of the global BMW chain and has two branches in the city. Across these they stock upwards of 1500 used and wholesale vehicles every year in addition to hundreds of new vehicles. The dealership is recognised globally for its high standards, having received the prestigious BMW trophy. 

Incorrect descriptions costing the company

Stocking and turning over such large volumes of vehicles requires robust processes and procedures for on boarding, appraising and sale. Traditionally, BMW Melbourne have used manual, paper based systems to appraise their vehicles, causing a number of issues. Vehicles being described incorrectly was one of the biggest costs to their dealership, producing incorrect valuations and subsequent losses of money through them. Used Car Manager Luke Waters explains that “there were issues with people calling through wrong models, we were having issues where cars were mis-described”. This promoted Waters to investigate an alternative solution.

AutoCheck for security

BMW Melbourne wanted an accessible system with electronic data storage and a really detailed process for their appraisals and valuations. Netresult’s AutoCheck product was the preferred option because of recommendations and its excellent features included. “I saw the results of what it did for Inchcape when I was working there and so I introduced it here,” explains Waters. AutoCheck allows BMW Melbourne to electronically record and store all details taken during an appraisal, including images of any damage, areas of concern and dashboard readings. It also has built in workflows to trigger sending automated emails to the appropriate people as soon as an appraisal is complete and ready for valuation. Everybody is able to access the system from the iPads BMW Melbourne provides, resulting in complete visibility and consistency throughout the dealership network.

Streamlined implementation, happy customers

A huge perception of technology these days is that a new system is very difficult to implement. BMW Melbourne found this to be completely false as their own implementation was quick and efficient. Waters explains, “it happened pretty quickly with us. I had a test login within 24 hours of the discussion so the boys allowed me to demonstrate it here.”

Once he had demonstrated AutoStock to management, they were up and running within a matter of weeks, beginning a short pilot before rolling it out to the rest of the dealership. “We had glitches, but once we found the glitches, I monitored it and made some alterations before we rolled it out to the rest of the business,” explains Waters.

They have also seen an increase in customer engagement with the system seeming impressive and professional. “Five years ago people were very paranoid, but now with technology the way it is, they understand it,” explains Waters. It has been a large boost for the dealership in terms of the sales process with customers engaging and trusting the appraisals and valuations more as they have seen first-hand the information being entered.

BMW Melbourne have been able to recognise increases in customer engagement and cost savings from a product which has been incredibly painless in implementing. This lack of disruption to the dealership has been priceless and has enabled them to maintain and grow their high standards of quality and efficiency.

About Netresult

Netresult offers dealers the software they need with the program AutoCheck. AutoCheck is a platform for paperless appraisals, valuations and sales. Netresult have been working with dealers across Australia to build this product and ensure that it answers everything that they need. Talk to us today to find out how AutoCheck can help you.


Category: Case Studies

Client name: BMW Melbourne, one of Australia's largest BMW dealerships

Challenge: Streamlining processes that traditionally can cost the company thousands in descriptions errors

Solution: AutoCheck - Netresult's mobile vehicle inspection solution

Outcome: Through quick implementation, a tool that is providing great customer satisfaction

It happened pretty quickly with us. I had a test login within 24 hours of the discussion so the boys allowed me to demonstrate it here.
— Luke Waters - Used Car Manager | BMW Melbourne