Autostock stocktaking solution

AutoStock is a user friendly application specifically designed to assist companies to carry out stocktakes of cars and other items; quickly locate cars that should be there, or alternatively record the cars that are actually there.

AutoStock can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. Registration is quick and free, enabling you to start using the application immediately and determine whether it is suitable for your business. You can then optionally upgrade to a paid subscription to receive reports and further customise the system.




Product Features

  • Quickly enter details of stock located
  • Record and update stock details
  • Search for stock by barcode, VIN or other attributes
  • Take photos of units
  • Run stock reports, export data
  • Readily customisable screens, reports and interfaces
  • Companion web site allowing administration, configuration and access to history
  • Multi-user enabled – users see data entered by other users within minutes


Product Features



Why use AutoStock?

  • Cut the time taken to perform a stock take
  • Enable multiple people to undertake a stocktake cooperatively
  • Better quality data capture; no illegible handwriting
  • Audit control over who recorded what details
  • Quickly identify changed details
  • No rekeying of data both in and out
  • Cloud hosted – no servers required


Why AutoStock