Trade appraisals

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Trade appraisals can be a high risk practice to a dealership with incorrect appraisals costing the dealership sometimes thousands of dollars. Netresult's AutoCheck product integrates with current systems to provide a reliable appraisal tool that helps dealerships to make good trade appraisal decisions, saving them money and time.


Accurate identification of vehicle specifications

Through an integration with vehicle databases such as Redbook, Glass's Guide and CAP, AutoCheck can provide accurate and reliable identification of a vehicle's make and model, as well as a range of other features or attributes. 


Damage identification

Identifying damage is a critical part of valuations. AutoCheck assists with this process by providing standard repair pricing guides and easy input of any damage noted, including the ability to attach notes, images and videos to the valuation report. 


Remote access

Even if staff are offsite, they can still access valuation reports and make informed appraisals remotely. AutoCheck is hosted in a cloud system allowing access to all details from anywhere, including damage reports, images and videos.


Thorough capturing processes

While systems are usually really good at storing successful appraisals, they usually forget about unsuccessful ones. It is important to keep everything on file, successful and not, and AutoCheck provides a process for ensuring all of these appraisals are captured. 


Sales overviews

As a dealership manager, it is important to have an accurate overview of sales and consultant performance. AutoCheck provides better visibility of appraisal and trade-in sales performance by sales and by consultants, allowing for better management decisions to be made.


Duplicate monitoring

Duplicate appraisals on an individual vehicle can be difficult to keep track of and avoid with a lot of systems and particularly so with paper based systems. AutoCheck monitors for duplicates within a set period (dealership determined) and can work within a dealership or even across a group.