Protect your brand with better appraisals

Reputation is important for any automotive dealer, but absolutely critical for those selling premier marquees. The transparency and efficiency of your trade appraisal process is one key to protecting your dealership’s hard earned brand.

Traditionally appraisals have been managed with paper-based processes and systems. This can lead to incorrect or inaccurate appraisals that cost through misinterpretation of the vehicle model and inaccurate capture of vehicle damage and missing parts.

Using technology can help improve the efficiency of the trade appraisal process, and ensure it is managed in a fair and transparent way with customers. Many different apps and systems are available. Here’s the main aspects to consider when evaluating a system to manage your appraisals.

  1. A robust and detailed vehicle description database
  2. Mobile platform that can be used in areas with a weak or no internet connect
  3. Capability to capture and share video and still images

While these are the key, must-have features of appraisals software, there are many other features that will be important for individual companies as needs will differ from one to the next.

Paper-based processes are a thing of the past, and increasingly pose a risk to your hard won reputation as premium automotive dealership. To keep up with competition while improving efficiencies and cost-savings within your dealership, you need to be considering a move to a software solution that works for your company, while displaying some of the critical features such as electronic data, mobility and photo and video capability.

To find out more about Netresult and the features of their appraisals solution, visit the website here.