New product announcement - AutoStock


Netresult is pleased to announce a new offerring in our automotive product range - AutoStock.   AutoStock is a user friendly application specifically designed to assist companies to carry out stocktakes of cars and other items; quickly locate cars that should be there, or alternatively record the cars that are actually there.



We have been trialing the software with Pickles Auctions and this is what they have to say...

“AutoStock has transformed the way we manage our vehicle stock takes and we can now complete the process in a fraction of the time it would usually take especially at locations with a large number of vehicle e.g. 2,000+ vehicles.

With the added benefit of reports produced automatically on completion of the stock take it enables my staff to action variations quicker and get back to their primary roles much faster than when we use old tradition paper based stock takes

Phil Macguinness  - Regional Operations Manager SA/NT/TAS Pickles Auctions.

Click here to check out the functionality

Download the application from the Apple store and start using AutoStock for free or request a demonstration.



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