Creating goodwill with your customers

Goodwill and trust are things that are difficult to build and easy to break. Months of good work in customer satisfaction can be lost in an instant. One of the biggest challenges for any outward facing company is keeping your client base happy.

The benefits of goodwill include an increase in word-of-mouth business, more repeated business and less time and money invested in customer service complaints.

However all of this can be lost in a single bad experience that puts the customer off, making it near impossible to ever get them back on board.

So for a dealership, how can you ensure that you are building goodwill with your customers?

One of the biggest factors in building goodwill with your client base is transparency. The transparency of costs, processes and history. The more open and clear you can be about everything that makes up a transaction and everything leading up to and following that transaction, the more goodwill you are building with your customer.

Being able to show damage reports, valuation detail and history information can go a long way in increasing the satisfaction of the customer. A major dealer in Australia explained to us recently that while people have been traditionally untrusting of technology, being able to show them what you are doing through the valuation and sales process can really bring them on board. He said that they love to see the staff working away on their iPads and that the customer can see the details of the car upfront.

When these sorts of processes are hidden in the background, it leaves room for interpretation, for better or for worse. Having them in the forefront and in a very transparent manner means that the customer knows exactly what they are getting.

Achieving this transparency can be difficult when processes and systems are clunky, manual and even paper-based. Being able to show a customer a valuation can take time and effort, and ultimately not work towards a satisfactory result.

Having a system implemented within the organisation that automates and modernises traditional processes can be a valuable asset in gaining customers goodwill. Being able to access and file reports and assessments through iPads remotely can create a more visible and transparent overview of the dealership, for yourself and for your customers.

Goodwill is important and can be lost very quickly. Ensuring that your dealership has the measures in place to increase goodwill with your customers can be a valuable asset in securing repeat and word-of-mouth business.